Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,


The Sonnenalp Gold Club is the premier loyalty program for our valued return guests. Gold Club offers the most comprehensive benefits package with each and every stay.

Sonnenalp Gold Club members are an integral part of the Sonnenalp Family, and we are constantly striving to build and grow the Gold Club program to exceed your expectations. We are proud to offer a number of new benefits and programs this year, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Sonnenalp very soon.

Johannes & Rosana Faessler – Proprietors



Compare Our Benefits to other popular programs

The Sonnenalp Hotel is dedicated to making the Sonnenalp Gold Club the absolute best value for you when staying with us. Please note that we kindly ask you to book directly through the Sonnenalp Hotel, either over the phone or through the Gold Club website in order to utilize your Gold Club benefits. We are not able to extend Gold Club member benefits for stays booked through third party benefits programs like American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts. Please note that if you book another rate, we will only be able to offer a limited amount of Gold Club benefits. Below is just an example of how our benefits compare to these other programs.


A Gold Club Member

You are invited to become a member of the Sonnenalp Gold Club when you have stayed a lifetime total of 50 nights at the Sonnenalp Hotel. There is absolutely no cost to become a member of the Sonnenalp Gold Club. There are no initiation fees or annual membership fees. Your membership in the Sonnenalp Gold Club is our gift to you as one of our most loyal guests.

Once you become a member of the Sonnenalp Gold Club, your member benefits will apply to your Vertical Family. This means that your parents, your children and your grandchildren will also be able to enjoy the benefits of Sonnenalp Gold Club membership when they stay with us, even if you are not along for the trip.

When you become a member you will receive a Gold Club Member card that helps the Sonnenalp staff identify you as one of our most loyal guests. Carry it with you and present as needed in hotel outlets to take advantage of your member benefits, like discounts on spa services and complimentary valet parking.

Member Benefits